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Decoration Stars from Pallets

It’s been quite some time since I provided a new post.  I have been heads down at my work, being a father and focusing on my woodworking and Instagram (@chawklit) whenever I had time.  But with the holiday season upon us, and some requests from friends and family, I decided to show off this easy project where you can add some cool DIY art to your homes.

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Wooden Pallet Herb Garden

Wooden Pallet Herb Garden

DIY Woodworking Pallet Herb Garden

My wife had an idea to build a herb garden out of a used Pallet.  She showed me some pictures from the internet, and it looked easy enough until I tackled the deconstruction of my first pallet.

Step 1:
Before deconstruction, I needed a pallet that would look good from the bottom, where the forklift usually picks up the pallet.   I searched for a fairly new pallet with at worst, limited cracks or broken boards.  You can find pallets at some large retail stores but I was able to find my at the local dumps.  Just make sure you are allowed to take some so always ask before you start loading your truck or car.

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