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Drill Press Storage Cart

As my son gets older, and my day job gets more demanding, I am finding less time to be in the wood shop.  So when I want to work a project, I need to be able to pick up where I left off right away.

And since I have a small shop, I need to be extremely efficient.  This led to an idea I always had, but needed more than ever right now.  I am creating a plan to make each station accessible and portable.  First up, the Drill Press!

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Making Custom Chalkboard with Cedar Frame

Making a Custom Chalkboard with Cedar Frame from Scratch

Custom Chalkboard with Cedar From

Another request from the wife was for our son’s 1st Birthday and it came out much better than I originally anticipated.  I have made several frames before, but this one has to be my favorite, and very easy to make with the proper tools.  In this blog entry, I’ll show you step by step ways to build your own chalkboard, or as I like to call it, CHAWKboard.  Hope you enjoy!

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