Wooden Pallet Herb Garden

Wooden Pallet Herb Garden

DIY Woodworking Pallet Herb Garden

My wife had an idea to build a herb garden out of a used Pallet.  She showed me some pictures from the internet, and it looked easy enough until I tackled the deconstruction of my first pallet.

Step 1:
Before deconstruction, I needed a pallet that would look good from the bottom, where the forklift usually picks up the pallet.   I searched for a fairly new pallet with at worst, limited cracks or broken boards.  You can find pallets at some large retail stores but I was able to find my at the local dumps.  Just make sure you are allowed to take some so always ask before you start loading your truck or car.

DIY Woodworking Herb Garden Planter


***Note*** This pallet had great structure to the 2x4s because the curved notches seen here.  It will work perfectly to plant your herbs at the end.

Step 2:
Removing the boards are very difficult because of the screw nails that are used to fasten the pieces together.  Since I worked up most of my sweat removing a couple boards, I was eager to find a new way for the next time.  My cousin instructed me to get a heavy metal mallet and with a crowbar to break the nail with a couple big hits.  I recommend the Stanley Wonder Bar as it has a notch to sit around the nail securely.  Once you take the required boards, the next steps are easy.  

So as stated earlier, I am using the bottom of the pallet as the front side of my Herb Garden.  I only needed to remove about 4 boards from the original top of the pallet which is now the back side of this project.

Step 3:DIY Woodworking Herb Garden Planter
Once those were taken out, I started to build two legs to stand the pallet on it’s side and upright.  I used 2 feet of a left over 2×6 piece.  On one edge of the 2×6, I ripped off the edge so it’s completely flat.  Then, I cut the 2×6 in half so I had two 1 foot pieces.  Then, for a little added decorative touch, I used by band saw to create a design on the top front and then screwed them to the pallet board.

***NOTE*** I kept about an inch from the bottom of the pallet when up right so that there will be room to drain excess water easily.

DIY Woodworking Herb Garden Planter

Step 4:

Fill the gaps for each of the three sections, front and back.  If you removed the boards with out splitting them from Step 2, you can use these as they are the perfect length.  Otherwise, you might need to be creative and use piece of plywood, or left over scraps you have laying around.  The only one that really needs to look good is the middle section as shown below.  The top and bottom sections are larger pieces so you might not need to fill any gaps on the front of the project.  The back however will need much more gap filling.  I used a table saw and left over scrap to fill the games that needed extra support.DIY Woodworking Herb Garden Planter

Step 5:
This step finishes the 9 planter sections: 3 on top, 3 in the middle, and 3 on the bottom.  I DIY Woodworking Herb Garden Planterused a piece of 1/2″ plywood, which I believe worked best.  First part of the step is to measure the width of each section.  Then, measure the depth.  Once I had these measurements (which turned out to be roughly the same for each section) I took the plywood and measured out the width and made a cut.  This left me with the correct width for all the sections.  I set up my table saw to the desired depth and DIY Woodworking Herb Garden Planterfinished the 9 sections as shown to the right.

The next part of this section was to insert the bottoms into each section.  Some had a tight fit, but i used a 2×4 and a hammer, and then the nail gun to secure each bottom to the herb garden.  This step takes time because there are nine sections, and all are different.  Take your time and don’t force something that is too tight, you might break a board and have to do some repair work.  Once these sections are in, I drilled some narrow holes for draining.  Used 3/8″ bit and drilled about 3-5 holes in each section.

Step 6:DIY Woodworking Herb Garden Planter
Easiest part of the whole construction = paint and plant.  Make sure you get an outdoor paint, and try to keep it away from the inside of the planter sections. We used a Behr deck paint, and painted about two coats to the outside.  After 24 hours of drying, I planted my Herbs that included Basil, Chives, & Parsley on top, Rosemary, Lemon Grass, & Thyme in the middle, and Sage, Oregano, & Tarragon on the bottom.

 DIY Woodworking Pallet Herb Garden

Hope you enjoyed, and please comment if you have any questions.  This is my first post, so if you have questions about more detail, please let me know and I’ll be glad to share my experience.

Items Used: 1 pallet, 1/4 sheet of plywood, One 2×6 that was 2″ long, nail gun with finishing nails, screws, outdoor paint, organic soil and herbs from local garden center.

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