How to Make a Logo Golf Ball Display Case

Logo Golf Ball Display Case

One of my favorite sports to play is Golf.  When I used to play more frequently, before the baby and dog, I purchased a Logo Golf Ball from each Golf Course I ever played.  After seeing several cases that were available to purchase, I decided long ago that I would make one myself when I had the tools.  This post will show how I built an idea that was stuck in my head for over 10 years.

Logo Golf Ball Display Case Completed


Materials used:

  • Polpar 2&1/2″x3/4″
  • 1/4″ Plywood
  • Golf Tees
  • Stain
  • Polyurethane
  • Wood Glue
  • Kreg Jig screws 1&1/4″

Tools used:

When you have all the tools I listed above, this should be a very easy project to complete.  I tried to make it with a router instead of a table saw, and it didn’t go as I planned.

First Step: Design Display Case, Cut Inlay, and Assemble Boarder

Logo Golf Ball Display CaseI decided to make my Logo Golf Ball Display Case out 24″x30″.  I used Mitre cuts and joints to form the outside boarder of the case.  Once I had my four boarder pieces cut to the proper length, I needed to make inlay cuts (not sure the proper term, so please correct me in the comment field) on the inside of the outside boarder so my 1/4″ plywood would sit flush when installed.  See below:

Once the inlay was cut on all 4 pieces, and I drilled holes for my tees, glued mitre cuts, assembled corners with clamps, used nail gun with finishing nails, and let sit overnight.

Second Step: Cut Shelves, Drill Holes for Tees, Assemble Shelves

After I measured the proper spacing for each shelf, it was determined that 7 shelves were required.  Cut them down to 22 1/2″ pieces, and ripped each shelf a 1/4′ inch so the plywood backing would fit in snug.  Using the drill press, I drilled 11 holes after calculating the spacing.

Golf Ball Display Case, shelves installedI measured 1″ from the back of the shelf.  Then, I started my first drill at 1&1/4″ from the side edge of the shelf.  Each drill hole was cut 2″ from the center of the previous hole.  The last hole ended up to be at 1&1/4″ from the other side edge.

Last section in this step was to use the famous Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes for each shelf.  I drilled 4 holes on the bottom of each shelf, two on each side.  Once all the pocket holes were drilled, I cut out two 2&7/8″ blocks of left over poplar to use as my spacing for the shelving.  Next, I turned the boarder upside down and started to add each shelf.  It’s easier to work your way from the top because all your pocket holes are on the bottom of the shelves after installation.  Also note that I made each shelf flush the front of the boarder so that there will be room for me to install the 1/4″ plywood later.

Step Three:  Stain, Tee & Plywood Installation

After the shelves were assembled, measure our your plywood and make the necessary cuts so that it fits securely flush inside the back of the the boarder.  Once it’s ready to be installed, place it aside and stain it along with your shelf structure.  Reason I stained everything here is because it’s easier to stain without the tees installed.

Next, it’s time for the most tedious part of the project; putting the golf tees into each hole and cutting the bottoms off with the Variable Speed Oscillating Multi Tool.  This takes time because most golf tees are irregular.  Some were too large, others were too loose, and only a small amount fit perfectly (that’s what she said).  My best advice, use the loose and perfectly fit tees, a little glue will help keep the loose ones in place, along with the polyurethane.

Golf Logo Ball Display Case

Once all the tees are installed and cut, touch up the bottom of each shelf where the stain might have been removed from using the Variable Speed Oscillating Multi Tool.  Next, install and assemble the 1/4″ plywood backing with nails from the finishing nail gun into the shelves.  Be careful to make sure you don’t miss the shelf.

Step Four & Final Step: Poly, Assemble Wall Mount, and Enjoy your Logo Golf Balls!

The entire project is now ready to be polyurethaned.  I tend to use a rag rather than a paint brush.  I usually put at least 4-5 coats, and then let the structure sit for several hours before assembling the Heavy Wall Mount and then hanging the structure to your wall.  Once complete, you will have a great way to enjoy all the places you played golf or visited!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Logo Golf Ball Display Case Completed

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