Decoration Stars from Pallets

It’s been quite some time since I provided a new post.  I have been heads down at my work, being a father and focusing on my woodworking and Instagram (@chawklit) whenever I had time.  But with the holiday season upon us, and some requests from friends and family, I decided to show off this easy project where you can add some cool DIY art to your homes.

This project started from my wife wanting to buy a distressed wooden star online for a tree topper.  I think the cost was $30-$40 and I told her I could make them for her instead.  With little hesitation, as always, she said fine, I can do it.  So I put my coat & hat on,  then scurried into the workshop to determine how I can impress her with my woodworking ability before she changed her mind..  🙂

First, I needed to determine how large I wanted to make this star.  I settled with 6 inch long sections.  Next, I needed to determine what angles I needed for each point of the star to fit perfectly.  Simple math = 360 degrees divided by 5 (5 points to the star), and you get 72 degrees for each of the 5 inner points of the star.  I then used my table saw miter gauge on 54 degrees (180 degrees minus 72 to get 108.  108 divided by 2) in order to get both sides of point even.

Once the inner star was completed, I had pieces that had a flat side and a pointed side.   I had to measure the center of the one piece on the flat side, opposite of the inner star.  From this center piece, I then drew a line to the end of the edge from the inner star cut.  I used the miter gauge to align to the star and made the rest of the cuts to the five pieces to form the star shape. 


Once that was completed, I used the router to bevel the edge of each star piece, and then used the Kregjig to fasten the star together.  Here’s a shot of the Kregjig pocket holes that I kept the star together.  Also, it doesn’t show any fasteners on the front of the star.

My wife was very happy with the finished project and we use it on our tree.  Others have used it for decoration around the house, but feel free to use it how you see fit!



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